Our major activity is Coffee farming business where we over 300 acres of coffee farms in Kawumu village along Gulu High way and our office is also located on the road. We have several farmers who are under our company and this has improved the live hood of these farmers.  We harvest our coffee and then take it for sorting and processing. Then after  we export it outside Uganda.

Property Management

We have also taken over people’s properties to help them to manage them and worry over marketing their rentals, collecting rent, handling maintenance and repair issues

Agro Products

We have been working with our farmers to bring  high quality foods and Beverages products of high quality through using  modern farming methods, we have been on the edge of training our farmers

Fruits and Vegetables

Some of the fruits that KFPD is growing are Avocados(Hass), Apples, Pineapples, Passion Fruits, Mangoes and the vegetables include Cabbage, Carrot, Hot pepper, Chilli, Yam and Ginger.

Agro Machinery

We Import these equipment from outside countries such as china, India, Turkey. We most sale all our equipment to East African farmers and we have gone head to train our farmers

Bee Keeping

We lead with example, at our farm we have over 300 Bee hives  and we have been producing quality Honey through the region. However because of high demand  we had to train more bee keeping farmer